Fertilization Guide

Slow Release 16-4-8 with Minor Elements:
Slow release fertilizer should be applied from mid March to mid April. Plants that flower very early, such as deciduous Magnolia, Wisteria, and some species of Spirea, should be fertilized after the treat of a killing frost has past. Early flowering Azaleas should be fertilized after they have flowered. Apply a second application of slow release fertilizer 8 to 12 weeks later. Irrigation is necessary during spring, summer, and fall and especially after fertilization. A mid October application can be applied at half the normal recommended rate to promote better plant quality during the winter months.

Plant Care Products

Pelletized Gypsum:
Gypsum loosens compacted clay soil and improves soil drainage. It also supplies calcium and sulfur, while leaving the pH of the soil unchanged. Gypsum will also counteract salt damage as well as improve root growth of trees and shrubs. Only one application of gypsum should be applied annually.

Pelletized Dolomitic Limestone:
Lime supplies calcium and magnesium to turf, trees, and shrubs. It also neutralizes acidic soil and is used to maintain proper pH levels. Only one application of lime should be applied and any additional applications should be at the recommendation of a soil test performed by a qualified testing facility such as Clemson University Extension service.

Size of Plant 16-4-8 SR Gypsum Lime Per Sq Ft.
16” to 22” high 1/3 cup 2/3 cup ¼ cup 10 sq. ft.
22” to 30”high 2/3 cup 1 ½ cup 1/3 cup 20 sq. ft.
1” Caliper 1 cup 2 cups ½ cup 30 sq. ft.
2” Caliper 1 ½ cup 3 cups ¾ cup 40 sq. ft.
3” Caliper 3 cups 6 cups 1 ½ cup 100 sq. ft.
4” Caliper 4 cups 8 cups 2 cups 150 sq. ft.

*Square foot coverage pertains to the fact that Lime, Gypsum, and 16-4-8 SR (Slow Release) should be spread evenly over the ground at the given number of square feet. (For example: 10’x10’) However the nutrients should not be in contact with the main stem of trunk of the plant.

**Caliper refers to a measurement of the diameter of the trunk of a tree or shrub taken at a height of 1m-2m, approx. 4’ above the ground level.

Note: If an area has been prepared using our Head-Lee’s Premium Amended Soil Conditioner, do not use any additional fertilizer for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Head-Lee’s Premium Soil Conditioner has all the essential nutrients to get the plant off to a good start.
Disclaimer: This is merely a guide: for a more accurate reading of the pH of your soil, you should have a soil test performed.